happy birthday, sweet harriet

The question we get asked most often of Hattie is:  Is she always like that?

And the answer: Yes!

Always fiercely passionate and dreamily pleasant.

Always unleashed in thought, action, speech, volume and laughter.

As comfortable in a crowd as she is on the couch at home.

Free as a little bird.

Gives the best compliments one could ever dream.

Spends over 60% of her time in her imagination.  And usually, in costume.

Makes up new songs everyday.  Forgives effortlessly.  Equally adores mud pits and pink tulle.  Never sees a bad side to anything.

She is a true character – one not easily forgotten.  And we don’t deserve her or the thoughtfulness, joy, enthusiasm, hilarity and sweetness that shines through her actions and into our lives every day.

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Here are some Hattie quotes in celebration of her 5th year!

– “When I’m not mad and I try to make myself mad, I just can’t be mad no matter what I do!  I can try and try like ‘errrgh!’, but it just doesn’t work.  I’m still not mad.”

– “Well, mom!  I have changed my mind.  I have changed it to choice that I am going to let myself grow up.”

– “Whatcha up to, boys?”

– “I know you are supposed to be old, like a grandma and everything, but you’re really pretty.”

– “That sure is  ‘fewph’!” (as in ‘a relief’)

– “When I grow up, I want to be a paleontologist.”

Gifted in hospitality, born to take chances – may the Lord we serve protect you as you rise to set changing foot in the world you so love.  Happy birthday, sweetheart!



  1. Awww..that black and white pic with her wearing the
    hat is too sweet! She’s the only other girl I know besides me who
    wanted to be a paleontologist when she was five….Yeah, I relaly
    did tell people that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up at that age!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Hattie, happy celebration day whole Imboden family!! …. and I personally (as a fellow mom of four) think that mom should get a little extra bit more of cake and be celebrated, too! 🙂

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